Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Passed first time
I can't quite belive I am about to say this, but I have passed my driving test first time today! I could not of done it without Marie. She is a fantastic driving instructor with so many different teaching techniques which she is able to addapt to suit you. I was a very neverous driver at first and I struggled with this throughout, but Marie was able to put me at ease from day 1. She really understood and made me feel calm and confident in every lesson I had. My lessons have always been on time and Marie has never let me down. Not only has Marie taught me how to pass my test, she has gone above and beyond and taught me how to be a safe driver for life. Not only is she an amazing instructor, she is also a lovely lady who is so friendly and chatty but professional at the same time. I would without a doubt, recomend Marie to anyone looking for lessons. Thank you so much Marie, I've gained a friend.

First Time Pass
I passed my test first time today all thanks to Marie. Marie is a brilliant instructor who I would recommend to everyone! Marie ensures that you not only learn to pass your test, but also gives you the skills and confidence you need for safe driving for life. My lessons were well structured and I appreciated Marie's notes in my LDC book so I could review my progress and always know the next steps! She was also incredibly friendly, made me feel at ease in the car and she was always on time! Thank you for helping me get passed and on the road!

Marie has been absoloutely amazing. So friendly and relaxing. Would put me at ease and was always extremely encouraging. Marie has been reliable and has done everything she can to get me through the test. It took me a good while to pass but Marie was always patient while continously boosting my confidence as my nerves were a huge setback throughout learning. Marie has taught me to be a confident safe driver and will not just teach you to pass a test but actually drive properly. Marie understood my personal situation and went above and beyond to help me finally get me through my test. I was always worried about having to find an instructor who I could get along with and just talk too but Marie exceeded expectations. She's so friendly but still professional. Marie is always honest and unlike other companies will make sure you learn and get you to test when you are ready too. It's clear she isn't in the job for the money but to actually teach students to drive safely. Marie will always make sure you understand what's going well and what's wrong and actively find ways to help you improve by changing her teaching styles. Marie is wonderful and friendly, I wouldnt hesitate to recommend her to anyone learning to drive. Marie I'll miss you!

Passed FIRST TIME with only 4 minors!
Was overwhelmed but was all down to Marie's excellent teaching. If you're looking for an instructor who's going to be firm and fun, you've found it. Highly recommend Marie, she doesn't mess about and gets you on the road promptly. Very clear and passes on top tier experience. Flexible and reliable and will ensure your driving lessons are taken seriously. If you need a license, don't look any further. :)

Passed 1st time
I passed first time with only one minor, thanks to Marie. Thankyou so much for helping me through it all. 1000% would recommend to anyone looking for an instructor so dedicated in devoting all her energy in helping all clients.

Karen WalkerKaren Walker
Just passed today, first time, to say I'm very pleased is a huge understatement. If you are looking for a top rate professional to guide you through your lessons Marie is without exception the very best. After a very nervous start Marie soon gave me confidence, and the skills to pass first time with only 3 minor faults! I can absolutely recommend her if you want 100% dedication, patience, and an ingrained lifetime safe driving attitude, delivered with a very friendly approach then she is for you. I feel like a friend has taught me. 😊 This made all the difference. The LDC system is excellent, although at first I thought the workbook would be a chore, but it really does help you to understand what you need to work on, feedback is essential especially when you get home and might not remember everything said that day! After a bad experience years ago with another company Marie made me feel like I want to get in the car and enjoy the driving. What to do on Friday now Marie? I can hear you say "DRIVE ABOUT OF COURSE!"

Lucy TonksLucy Tonks
Marie is a fantastic driving instructor and helped me so much through out my journey. I never thought I'd pass my test, but with Marie I passed with only 1 minor! Marie is a lovely person and I would highly recommend!

Passed 1st time
I’d like to thank Marie for believing in me, she's been an amazing instructor and I passed first time with her!

I never thought I would pass my driving test, but I've finally done it at the age of 52. You are never too old to learn. A big thank you to Marie for all the support and encouragement she has given me. She is very professional, helpful and patient. She is also down to earth and very friendly. Highly recommended to everyone who wants to learn to drive. I'm very happy I gave it that one last go. Thanks Marie xxx

Reece KumarReece Kumar
I would like to thank Marie for helping me pass my test today. Stayed right with me till the end and helped me a lot. She got me on the M6 motorway just before my test too, great experhence. Great driving with Marie I would highly recommend.

Passed first time in 5 weeks
Could not have asked for a better driving instructor. She helped me pass so fast which I’m very greatful for, also a really nice person easy to get on with and had such a laugh during the lessons. Would 100% recommend Marie to anyone.

Passed 1st time
My experience with Marie (LDC), has been amazing. She has supported and guided me throughout my journey and has helped make me into a driver that is more than juat a pass. She has given me skills for life.

Jessica MaidenJessica Maiden
Marie has been the most amazing instructor and i’m so happy to have found her and also thankful to her for teaching me to drive and enable me to pass my test. She has taught me to drive with confidence and i know that her advice and guidance will stay with me forever. Thanks for being such a lovely person Marie! See you on the road :D

Driving instructor, who is committed, reliable with outstanding knowledge.
If you’re looking for a driving instructor, who is committed, reliable with outstanding knowledge and a clear passion for helping learner drivers to succeed, look no further than Marie Haddon. Marie’s lessons have not only taken me from learner to qualified driver, but provided me with the confidence and knowledge for a life-time of safe driving. Marie’s strong, clear communication skills and excellent punctuality ensured every minute offered a learning opportunity. Her ‘never give up’ attitude motivated me, while her ability to differentiate learning styles and ongoing patience ensured I could learn effectively. Marie’s background, provides her with irreplaceable skills and knowledge in which she openly discussed to support my driving ability. Marie evidently shared my passion to succeed, working to her best ability to schedule lessons, which offered flexibility around my commitments. I owe all my thanks and appreciation to Marie, her tuition, support and friendship.

I passed my test today, Many Thanks Marie. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for letting my mom come on test day too I think she was more nervous than me. See you on the road.

Thank you for making my life so much better
Marie is the best instructor ever. Thank you so much for making my life so much better for me and my little boy. I feel so independent now and i have never felt so good. I got Marie's number from a friend after I had had so many lessons with another instructor who had sadly had a bereavement in his family and could no longer teach me. I had my own car and met Marie and explained how I loved my little car and wanted to do my lessons in it. Marie advised me that she would need to assess my driving in her car firstly and then would give me her opinion. It became clear that my driving was no were near safe and Marie told me that in her opinion she would not feel safe in my car at the moment. A few lessons down the line Marie did a mock test with me and gave me the good news that I was now ready to continue learning in my own car. Yeah. On the day of test Marie even took me to the car wash and paid to have my car cleaned as a treat for me and she said it would look good in the photos when i passed. She had so much faith in me. Things just got better I became safer and now today I have passed my test in my very own little car. Thank you so much for everything.

yeah passed
Passed my test first time today, Many Thanks Marie I did one hour a week and then my mom helped me to keep it going in my own car. This helped to bring the cost down. Marie invited my mom into the car with me on a couple of lessons and gave her a few pointers, then I would have a lesson with Marie and go and practice with my mom. Final result I passed.

100% Brilliant
Marie helped me achieve my dream in driving as i suffered terribly with my nerves and she helped me to conquer my fears and believed in me 100%. She made me feel at ease and re assured me every step of the way and I cant thank her enough. Shes a brilliant instructor and shes brilliant at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone......Thanks again.

Lucy FordLucy Ford
Passed first time
Before I found Marie's driving school I had abandoned the idea of driving, thinking I would never need to drive! A next door neighbor gave me a glowing recommendation and here I am, passed first time with only 2 minor faults! Marie is an amazing, caring, patient and passionate instructor who strives to get the best out of her pupils, through excellent and knowledgeable tutoring. Her sheer determination to help you to pass first time is commendable and I thank her from the bottom of my heart! Thank you Marie for making me believe in myself and helping me to pass something I never thought was possible! Now I can't wait to drive! Lucy Ford X

Passed 1st time
Gone from never having even started a car to passing my test with only 3 faults it's been such a fun experience driving with Marie. I feel I'm a very confident driver and that's all thanks to Marie. Thank you so much I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Tracey NolanTracey Nolan
Passed my driving test first time, ecstatic to say the least. Marie is a superb instructor, with so much patients and understanding. Never thought I would ever pass my test with my nerves but with all the help and support from Marie I did it first time! I would definitely recommend as you are guaranteed to be a safe and knowledgeable driver.

Geoff SidebottomGeoff Sidebottom
Passed first time at age 56
Big thank you Marie, never thought i would ever get round to driving but learning was a pleasure Obviously picked the wright driving instructor whp gave me confidence with her patience, support and banter making all my lessons totally enjoyable Lessons were first class and you were quick to pick up on any weakness and guide me through. Big thank you for all your help and encouragement and i will be recommending you to anyone who wants to learn You,re a star. Geoff.

I had struggled with my confidence a lot, but Marie bought me on and i managed to pass first time. Very professional, helpful and patient.

Amy LLedbrookAmy LLedbrook
Passed first time with Marie today.
I would like to thank Marie for all her help, I couldn't have passed without her, she has the patience of a saint. I would recommend anyone I know to use her, the friendly atmosphere she creates helps a lot. One of the main things for me that was great is she was always on time, something that you don't always get. Once again thank you Marie'

Sangeetha Kaur KulaSangeetha Kaur Kula
Passed first time today.
I passed my test first time today with Marie!! You have worked wonders with me and I could not have passed my driving test without you...You saw the way I learn and managed to turn me from the disaster I was to the completely reformed driver I am now and I've learnt so much of the 13 hours I've had with you than I have over the last 2 years of learning to drive. I'll always be forever grateful to you for taking me on even though you were unsure at first as I had so many faults. I'm living proof that your amazing at what you do and the passion you showed me pushed me that little further and I've passed. ahhh so thank you very very much. Sangeetha.

I've done it..PASSED!!!!!!
I've done it PASSED!! and i cant thank Marie enough best thing i've done was finding you as my instructor always made me feel like i could do it and i have! Best instructor ever will be recommending you to anyone who wants to learn to drive thank you so much will be sad i'm not going to see you again but over the moon i can have my own car xx

Steven HinnettSteven Hinnett
Passed first time today.
Passed my test first time today after only 26 hours of driving lessons. Marie is a great instructor and I would recommend her to anyone.

Passed first time
Today I passed my driving test first time with only 2 minor faults. I cannot thank Marie enough, from my very first lesson she made me feel at ease and I couldn't have wished for a better instructor. Lesson by lesson she has taught me how to drive safely and confidently, I am going to miss our lessons and laughs in the car. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn to drive to chose Marie, you won't regret it!!. Thank you once again Marie.

Natasha LambNatasha Lamb
Enjoyed every minute
Marie I can't thank you enough for helping me pass. My old instructor would still be teaching me turn in the road over and over. You're such a kind lovely person and you have always made me feel comfortable and i've enjoyed every single one of our lessons. I would recommend Marie to anyone I know as I feel that she teaches you the best way how to be a safe and confident independent driver. I hope to see you soon when I am out on the roads, I will miss you. Tash.

I'll never forget today.
I cannot thank Marie enough for the support and guidance she has given me whilst learning to drive. She has learnt me to be a confident and safe driver and made me feel so at ease and comfortable during every lesson. My driving experience will be one i'll never forget and that is down to one person, Marie, she really is the best tutor for anyone considering passing their driving test and I would thoroughly recommend her, she has been so patient with me, being seven months pregnant and having this experience with Marie has been emotional and so rewarding. Thanks again Marie, I will be in touch when baby is here and hopefully I will see you on my journey's to come in the future. I can't thank you enough, I'm sad that my lessons have to come to an end but so happy for what you have helped me achieve.

Absolutely Elated
I'm absolutely elated my day finally came, lots of hard work perseverance all paid off, Marie i cant thank you enough, you kept my spirits up, gave me the confidence and support. Your One in a million. Lessons were well structured, areas of weakness were addressed and corrected, no matter how long it took to master new concepts, Marie was always there to give me that push. No lesson was ever a dull one, We had plenty of laughs on the way, Marie gets you to drive above test standards and teaches you how to drive independently. ps. you can set your watch by Marie she is always bang on time.

Passed 1st Time
I'€™d like to say a massive thank you to Marie for helping me to pass my driving test first time. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Marie is a fab instructor, calm and very reassuring if you've made a few mistake and feel shuck up because the cars jolted or whatever. I was quite nervous and she built up my confidence at the pace I was going. Every lesson with Marie was productive, I would always learn something new or progress in the skills I had already gained. Her explanations are clear and precise meaning she never over complicated the manoeuvres and her directions were given in plenty of time so you could forward plan. I'€™d just like to say another massive thank you to Marie for giving me a skill for life and independence. Thanks again Marie, Victoria Farley

Grace Fletcher
Passed first time
I'm so thankful for Marie's help, I couldn't have done this without her. I passed first time today after only completing 21 hours from never driven in my life to passing today. I had mom along to to reassure her of my driving, as Marie said it is as big a task for parents to watch their loved ones learning as it was for me. You will be highly recommended to all my friends, take care, I will miss our car journeys too! xx

Yeah Passed.
I honestly enjoyed my experience of learning to drive with Marie, not only have you made me a confident driver but you've also given me lots of encouragement and laughs along the way, Thank you for the chance of me being able to take my mom along to watch me drive and also learn a thing or to herself. She is so proud as Marie was of me. Thank you for the experience. Going to miss you.

First time pass
I passed my test first time with Marie today with no minor faults. Marie is a very friendly instructor offering excellent structured tuition, I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. Marie's attention to detail and skill to tutor me to such a standard. Marie is a great person and I recommend her to all.

Passed first time
I'm over the fact that i've passed, just wanted to say a massive thank you! Your an amazing instructor and you've had the patience of a saint with all the blonde moments i've had (there really has been many). It sounds cheesy to say, but it really will be life changing because it means I can get about with my baby and take myself to work! So thank you so much. SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!

Sophie Hinnet Sophie Hinnet
Fantastic instructor, thank you for all the support, help and encouragement.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience whilst learning to drive with you, I felt very comfortable when driving and not afraid of making mistakes because I knew that you would understand and help me to prevent it from happening again. I felt every lesson was productive and there wasn't tense and stressful atmosphere within the car which allowed me to learn much easier which made me more than prepared when taking my test.

After only 26 hours I passed my test today first time.it feels great to be driving. Cheers Marie you were a brilliant teacher. Hope that,s enough folks a first time pass say's it all for me.

Liam TannerLiam Tanner
I would like to thank Marie for all the help she has given me whilst I was learning to drive, she is a lovely person and an even better instructor.

Emily BeardsEmily Beards
I passed my test today on my first attempt with only for minor marks. I would like to say first of all I would like to give a big massive thank you to Marie for helping me to pass my driving test 1st time. She is an amazing instructor and I would strongly recommend Marie to anyone I know and I have already. She was always helpful and supportive in my driving lessons whenever I messed up anything or did something wrong. Marie has taught my boyfriend and sister and her boyfriend and we've all passed first time. Thanks so much Marie your the best. I couldn't of done it without you.

I passed my test first time today, I wouldn't be able to do it without the help from Marie, especially doing my test after only 12 hours and no lessons previously. Top notch instructor, couldn't get anything better, would highly recommend Marie to anyone I know.

I past my driving test today on my second try with only 4 minors. Marie was recommended to me by a friend and once I read all the positive testimonials on her web site i got straight in touch. I had already had so many lessons with 2 previous instructors (over 40 hours) and kept getting told I was nearly ready for test. Marie took me for a one hour assessment and I could tell the difference with her being a grade 6 instructor, Marie pointed out many problems that I had been taught previously and corrected them for me. Marie is a great instructor, she really knows her stuff. Thanks again Marie.

Thank you Marie for your help and support, I couldn't have done it without you. I would recommend Marie to all of my friends.

I passed my test today. Fantastic experience and first class instruction. Thank you Marie and LDC.

Thank you Marie and LDC for getting my new licence. I passed first time and Marie helped made things go much smoother. Everything was explained in detail and every area covered, nothing was left to chance. Life will be much easier now, no more getting wet fetching the children from school. Independence here we come!! I owe you a lot Marie, Thank You.

I passed my test today and I am so proud. I can't wait to get into my new car. Marie also let my mom come with me on test so she was with me all the way too. It was a lovely experience and i'll never forget it. Thank You Marie and LDC.

I passed my test today firs time with only a couple of minor marks. The experience has been professional from begging to end. Before Marie I had had a couple of instructors, but just felt I was not making progress. With Marie she teaches then transfers the learning straight to you and makes you aware that your in control and she will only intervene if necessary. I liked this way of teaching, I didn't find it boring, I enjoyed the challenge that Marie would set. Marie even let me have a practice run of driving to my place of work so I would be confident after passing my test. Many Thanks Marie.

I passed my test first time today, whoo hoo. I can't thank Marie enough. She taught my sister to drive a few years ago and she passed first time too. It was an excellent experience and we had laughs along the way. Marie even helped me keep my test a secret from my parents by hiding around the corner and waiting on car parks so I could surprise them, which I did today when Marie took me home. I would recommend Marie and LDC to anyone, she will go that extra mile for you and nothing is to much trouble. I'll miss ya Marie. Thank You.

George (Ginge)George (Ginge)
I passed my test today and would like to thank LDC and Marie. I found the LDC DVD's helpful and used them to get me through my theory. Also the practical DVD helped me with my reversing. This pass today will change my life and I can't thank Marie enough without her I don't think I could have done it.

I passed my driving test first time today with only one minor mark.My Instructor Marie made learning straight forward and simple and I would recommend LDC every time.

Svetlana GreenwaySvetlana Greenway
I would like to thank Marie for her excellent and professional approach to teaching me to drive all I can say is I passed first time and you can not do better than that and its all down to Marie. I feel confident and prepared to drive and would recommend Marie to anyone looking for a GREAT Teacher.

Mrs Margaret Nordon
Passed today with two faults on my second attempt with Marie and LDC. First time i failed for errors due to nerves and lack of concentration. Marie and LDC are the best driving tuition around. Marie is very patient, pushes you, makes you aware of all aspects of safety and gives you confidence in your abilities. Thank you so much Marie and LDC, you have opened up a whole new world for me.

Sayna Ahmad
After attempting to have driving lessons 3 times and going through 2 pregnancies, I passed my driving test first time, thanks to Marie. She gave me the skills and knowledge needed to be safe and confident on the road. Always professional, punctual and friendly, Marie makes learning to drive a fun and enjoyable experience. Thank you Marie for giving me a skill for life!

I passed my driving test first time with only 3 minors with marie! she is an amazing teacher and made me more confident on the road. Marie is very friendly and made my driving experience less nerve racking, i was very nervous the first time i got into the car but she made me realise that there was no need to be and as long as i drove safe and efficient i would be fine. I would most definitely recommend marie to anyone! Thanks marie i wouldn't have done it without you !

Charlotte WhitehouseCharlotte Whitehouse

I passed my driving test first time today with only 4 minors!
I am so glad I chose to learn with Marie because now I feel like a safe driver and my confidence has really progressed. At first I was incredibly nervous about being in the drivers seat, but with Marie she made me feel at ease. She invited my parents into the car on one occasion and showed them my progress. Mom and dad were very impressed with my driving. She advised my parents I could gain more experience driving with them, which my dad did and we progressed well which helped me gain even more confidence.

I highly recommend Marie and her friendly service to anyone thinking about learning to drive. Thanks a lot Marie you are brilliant!!!!!


New Year and Passed first time!
After feeling a real lack of progression with my previous instructor i decided to stop my lessons altogether as back then i found driving a very unenjoyable experience. It was only until my brother had began praising his lessons with marie that i decided to contact her. I explained how i had not drove for at least a year and naturally was very shaky, however marie instantly put me at ease with her friendly nature and patience. I instantly noticed the difference in quality from learning with my then level 4 instructor to marie's level 6 status. The teaching standard was nothing i had experienced previously. It was more precise, understandable and especially thorough. What i like about marie is not only does she want you to pass but to make you aware and safe of day to day situations at all times for when you have passed. Which definitely came in handy for me as no one in my family drives so i felt even more hesitant on the road. Marie also gave me the official ldc booklet and I borrowed my brothers DVD which i found extremely helpful and clear. I had a total of 36hrs of teaching and managed to pass first time today with only 3 minor faults! Just want to say a huge thank you to marie for giving me the confidence and ability to make it all happen!


I passed my test first time today.
Over the past 7 months Marie has enabled, and taught me the skills needed to sufficiently pass my test at a very high standard! She gives a great friendly service,pushing you and giving you the confidence needed! Its been a pleasure to say I was taught by Marie! Many thanks to her.

April RoseApril Rose

I passed my driving test first time today with 5 minors.
I contacted Marie after reading her testimonials on the LDC web site. I had driven before but it had been a few years ago. I am also due to have a baby, so I asked Marie about doing an intense course.

Marie did an assessment of my driving (which was shaky at first) and recommended I need about 20 hours, so I decided to do the semi intense course. Marie booked my test and we got straight into the driving. Here I am now passed on my first attempt and looking forward to my baby being born. I am happy with how things turned out and Marie was fantastic with me all the way through. Professional from begging to end. I'm now driving my 7 seater around thanks to my fantastic instructor.. Thanks so much Marie x

Paige BatesPaige Bates
Today I passed my driving test first time with only 3 minor faults! Marie has been an excellent instructor and I couldn't of wished for a better instructor. After all the stress and hours it finally paid off and Marie was behind me 110%of the way. I would highly recommend Marie to anyone who is thinking of taking lessons as it will be money well spent! Thanks a lot Marie you were fab xx

Shenaz Lorgat
I would like to say a big thank you to my driving instructor Marie. Her clear, calm instructions helped me overcome my nervousness and gain confidence. She is extremely punctual, professional and accommodating. Marie taught me so well I passed my test first time but she also taught me so that I can drive safely for life not just for THE test. I would wholly recommend Marie if you want to succeed with confidence.

Jemma HarrisJemma Harris
I chose Marie as my Instructor as my sister had used LDC when she passed her test. I first text Marie and arranged a driving lesson. Once my lesson arrived I told this lovely instructor my ambitions to pass my driving test in July.... ( it was now April 2nd). Marie's response was ok let's aim for that and see how we get on. We decided to do 4 hour lessons and Iv'e never laughed so much in all my life. I'm sure I pushed all her buttons but she is the most patient person I've known... Iv'e loved every minute of learning to drive, It's been intense, but all Maries hard work and my hard work has paid off as I can now say "I passed my test first time today 16th July 2013 at 08.10". I would like to say thank you Iv'e had an amazing time learning with you and thank you for all your support and guidence. Will miss you.

After a terrible start with a different instructor, switching to Marie was the best move I could have made, reassuring to know she's not just trying to get you to pass a test but teach you a life skill you can use confidently long after that test date safely. I can't believe I passed first time! I can't thank you enough, it's been brill, we've had our giggles along the way and will miss our lessons.

I passed my test first time this week with just one minor mark for doing something silly! I've had Marie for my lessons from the start after my mom and dad met her on a car park by chance. My parents were phoning around looking at instructors with deals but as soon as they met Marie and spoke to her in person, they knew my lessons would be with her as something just didn't seem right with everyone else. I was a learner with a question about everything and I'm surprised Marie never told me to shut up! she was always calm and asked me what I'd done wrong if I made a mistake. Most of the time I knew and was able to correct myself which Marie encouraged me to do rather than just telling me all the time. Lessons were never boring as we would always be having a laugh while I was learning which I think helped; no one wants a straight faced instructor who always moans...and you can see by reading other peoples comments that Marie is one of the best instructors out there and you'd be silly to waste your time with someone dodgy! Marie was confident in my driving even when I wasn't myself and I can't wait to drive with Marie again for my pass plus. Thanks so much Marie, I'm going to miss you!

Miss Sarah HillMiss Sarah Hill
It has been an enjoyable time learning with Marie. She has been very patient with me and always put me at ease when driving. I would highly recommend her and LDC to anyone who wants to start driving lessons.

I would just like to thank Marie and LDC for getting me through my driving test. I had another instructor prior to Marie. I had around 20 hours with him and found I was not making any progress. My dad came out with me one day as I had my own car and could not believe my standard of driving. Marie taught my sister to drive, but I guess I felt a bit nervous being taught by a woman. After going out with my dad he spoke to Marie and asked if I would do a home visit and talk to me about what had happened. Marie was professional and talked me through my fears and assured me I could be myself and just relax. I began my lessons and I felt at ease straight away, I wish I had started with her instead of this other instructor. Marie showed me what was missing in my driving and covered everything with me. 35 hours later I passed my test. Many thanks for the patience and I'm glad my dad intervened.

Learning to drive with Marie is a pleasure. After not making much progress with a previous instructor, changing to lessons with Marie was the best decision I ever made. Her teaching methods are thorough and professional and the progress I made in such a short amount of time was unbelievable. Marie built up my confidence and made learning to drive fun! I would recommend her teaching to anyone. Huge thanks Marie, I'm going to miss our weekly lessons, not just as teacher and pupil, but also as friends! See you on the road x

I am pleased to say I passed my test today first time today with only one minor mark! I can't thank Marie and LDC enough for this as she's the one who has constantly reassured me and had faith in me even when iv'e not had much in myself. Marie is fair and professional, but is also reassuring and most of all we had a few laughs along the way. She goes that extra mile for her pupils and does her very best, even working her days off for you. I can't wait to drive with her again for my pass plus. Thanks Marie and LDC.


I passed my driving test first time today.
I would like everyone to try learning with LDC as they are a professional driving school who get you out out of ant bad habits you already have and get you fully prepared for the test.

My instructor was Marie and she is one of the best instructors I've seen. I had a couple of instructors previous to Marie and they didn't even come close to the experience you get with Marie. Thank You. LDC and Marie.

Matthew PearsonMatthew Pearson
I passed my test on my first attempt today with only two minor marks. I was nervous when I began my driving for the first few lessons, (like anyone) but Marie will settle your nerves almost immediately. She is very professional, firm and fair, she is always glad to help you with anything. A very kind and trustworthy person, a real treat to see her every week. I found my driving skills workbook very helpful and informative. Thank you to Marie and LDC.

Tina HabbershawTina Habbershaw
I passed my driving test first time today. I would just like to say thank you to Marie and LDC for helping me to pass. Marie is a very good instructor who reassures you every step of the way. (we've had some fun!) I have used the driving skills workbook and DVD and found this fantastic, even this morning I watched the procedure to the test routine as Marie said it would help me to understand the process and keep my nerves intact. Thank You Marie and LDC.

I would recommend LDC and Marie to everyone I know! I could not have done it without her, she does not let you get away with anything and I could't thank her more. She is really patient and will keep going until she is sure you have got it. Thank you so much for everything Marie I am going to miss you loads! xx

After years putting off driving lessons (I'm in my 30's) I've just passed on my first attempt with only one minor. I honestly believe this is due to Marie and her teaching style. She constantly adapts her approach to how you're handling a particular lessons or driving skill. She'll push you so that you're making really good progress, and then turns down the intensity if you're finding it too difficult. I was very nervous when my lessons first started but I quickly learnt to trust Marie and her judgement. She's really friendly, puts you quickly at ease, and has high professional standards.Thanks so much Marie. I'll definitely be calling when my son is old enough for lessons!

Sarah CapperSarah Capper
I passed my test today on my first attempt with only 4 minor marks. I would recommend Marie and LDC to anyone. she is an amazing instructor and very supportive. Thank you for all your help with me succeeding and passing my test today. xx

Mark and CharlotteMark and Charlotte
I passed my test first time today, what a fantastic feeling. I had many lessons with another instructor, but didn't feel I was getting anywhere. My girlfriend was taking lessons with Marie and she started after me and passed first time. So I booked lessons with Marie who assessed my driving and got me to test A S A P. Today I did it with only 4 minor marks. Thanks to Marie and LDC. She has a very High standard of instruction and will not let you get away with anything. Believe me she spots it all. So a BIG thank you to Marie and LDC for teaching the two of us and getting two first time passes. Excellent.

Jane BeckettJane Beckett
I would like to say a big THANX to Marie because I wouldn't have passed my test if it wasn't for her very good teaching. I would have the pleasure to say Marie is a brilliant driving instructor, I will miss her, her teaching and her sitting beside me. Thanks so much I'll miss you.

Victoria OgidiVictoria Ogidi
I passed my test 1st time today.
I have had such a wonderful experience training with Marie, although we did'nt have enough time on our hands. She couched me properly and taught me all I should know about driving in just 14 hours of lessons with her. I passed first time. Marie has made an impact in my life and I will never forget her for this.

Before I started driving with Marie at LDC I thought I was a lost cause with driving and changed instructors numerous times. I began my lessons with Marie and she made me feel at ease and built my confidence ready for test and it was the best feeling in the world finding out I passed thanks to Marie and LDC.

Samanther BoulangerSamanther Boulanger
I passed my test first time today. I can't believe it. Marie and Ldc have been fantastic. I began learning to drive a while ago, but didn't feel I was making progress. I then had a baby so I had not driven for some time. I met Marie who recommended a assesment drive to begin with. She then gave me positive news about my driving saying she thought I could do a course. This would also help me with my life style as a busy mum. She recommended a midway intense course so I could sort out childcare arrangements and get through my driving A.S.A.P. What a great Idea. It was seamless. Marie timed it perfectly. I finished my lessons and had my test today. She gave me confidence all the way through. We've had many a giggle and I've enjoyed it all. I can Honestly say it was the best decision of my life (after my baby of course). A massive thank-you to Marie and the LDC course.

I passed my driving test today. Many thanks to Marie and LDC. I have enjoyed every minute of learning and the books and DVD's are really useful. I found my lessons rewarding and Marie got my training spot on. I was so nervous and explained I wanted to learn everything and pass first time no matter how long it might take. Marie got me started with my workbook which I found really helpful and then onto the theory and hazard perception dvd. As I neared my test Marie then gave me a copy of the Driving skills dvd to prepare me mentally for the practical test and learn the tell me show me. I'm over the moon with everything. Can't believe I did it. I'm so happy. Thank you Marie and LDC.

Kieron WilliamsKieron Williams
Many thanks to LDC and Marie for teaching me to drive. I started to learn with Marie as she taught my brother a couple of years ago. Everything has been first class. I had the work book and the driving skills dvd, and I found this was a really big help especially as I got nearer to my test date. Marienever gave up on me even when at times I got frustrated with my self, she kept me going, giving encouragement and explaining everything in great detail and again if I still didn't get it. We've had some laughs along the way and passing my test is the best feeling in the world, it will mean so much to my career. Thanks so much Marie and LDC there the best.

Kerry GodsonKerry Godson
Learning to drive with Marie is the best decision I could have made. she encouraged me right from the first moment I stepped into the car, and I was in the driving seat from the first lesson. Marie was friendly and always made sure I was progressing, and I passed first time, so I would recommend her tuition to everyone. The LDC book provided really helped, with the individual lessons explained in there. Ultimately, Marie made the experience like learning to drive with a friend :) Thank you Marie and LDC.

Katie HallKatie Hall

Passing my driving test has made my year!
I am glad I had Marie as my instructor. Even though I failed my test first time for a silly mistake, she believed in me and I passed 2nd time with only 3 minor faults.(all the best drivers pass 2nd time)

I want to thank Marie so much, I am one happy girl, I cannot wait to begin pass plus with Marie, If she hasn't had enough of me already. Thank you Marie and LDC.

I had previously been with another instructor, but after 5 hours I was very disappointed at how much progress I was making. I must say I found such a vast difference in how Marie with the LDC system worked. Everything was very clear and the LDC driving skills workbook gave me time to reflect on my last lesson and prepare for the next. I found my lessons fun and we always had a laugh, this made me very comfortable and my progress came in leaps and bounds. I passed my test today first time, I'm still in shock at how quickly Marie built my progress and she even got me to move my test date forward as she had so much confidence in me. I would recommend Marie and LDC they are brilliant.

Amanda RyallAmanda Ryall
I feel brill, because I passed my driving test first time today; its all thanks to Marie and LDC. I was such a nervous driver and Marie kept me calm in every situation and talked me through everything until eventually I had the confidence to do it all alone. She is such a patient person and I'm hoping she'll be available to teach my son next year. I've had a great experience learning with Marie. The LDC materials are first class and are such an advantage when it comes to learning and Marie would check to make sure I was understanding everything, putting me right if I didn't understand it. Thanks Marie you're a star.

Leanne HowarthLeanne Howarth
I passed my driving test today on my very first attempt. Marie has got to be the hardest working person I know, she is completely dedicated to her job and pupils. She has the patients of a saint and never runs out of support, she is a great teacher. I originally thought of doing an intensive course which Marie explained to me in detail. I then had a free assessment drive before I made up my mind. Marie made me aware of the structure and nature of the course and I changed my mind to weekly lessons as I am a busy mom. I am so glad of Marie's advice as I found her teaching methods fantastic and she was correct about changing my mind from the course, as birthdays and ill children interrupted some lessons which Marie re scheduled for me. I also liked the fact that I had a work book to go thorough at my own pace and found it easy to understand my lessons. I also got a theory and hazard perception dvd from Marie, this was also the best I could have had and I passed this first time too. As I progressed through my lessons I began to get a little nervous as Marie said I was nearing test standard. To calm my nerves she told me about the Driving Skills DVD and advised me to watch the test procedure. I know this will be invaluable as I can keep it as a reference as my driving progress's. It also continues with motorway driving and the pass plus. I found this dvd most usefull. I watched the test and relised that it was not as bad as I had perceived. Again I believe this is exclusive to LDC pupils and I would recommend it to any pupils who's nerves are a bit shaky. Overall I was recommended LDC by a friend and I believe they are the best teachers out there and their teaching materials are worth every penny. Many thanks Marie and LDC.

James WildeJames Wilde
I have just passed my test first time. I feel so happy, I can't believe it. I wouldn't have been able to do this if i didn't have the best instructor, but i did i had Marie and I thank her loads for her time, patience and understanding. She fitted my hours around my work and we had quite a few laughs along the way. She always made sure I understood everything and I liked how the LDC system and Marie got me moving forward quite quickly. I was recommended Marie by my partner who passed first time to a couple of months ago. The LDC system was perfect and very easy to follow along with my work book. Marie and LDC prepared me for both my theory and practical and I passed both parts first time.

I feel fantastic after passing my test. I've enjoyed all my lessons with marie, they've all been enjoyable and Marie is a pleasure to drive with. The LDC system was easy to follow and the work book helped with the understanding and helped me with my lessons so much that within the first 10 hours I was confident enough to go out in my dad's car and get additional practice which saved me money and Marie encouraged me to do this and my parents were shocked how fast I began to improve. Many Thanks to Marie and the LDC system.

I have been learning with Marie and LDC and have passed first time today! The level of teaching is intense but well worth it. Marie is the best she is patient and never gives up on you even when you do on yourself. I used the LDC system and Marie and I would recommend them both. x

Jigistar LimaniJigistar Limani
LDC is a fantastic driving company, really really good to learn with them especially Marie Haddon, she is a very good teacher to learn in quick and short time.

Clair JenningsClair Jennings
I have just passed my test first time, yipee. LDC and my instructor are fab, highley recommend them. Even had homework set and used my driving skills book, everything perfect.

I have had an excellent time learning with Marie and today I passed first time! Prior to learning with Marie, I spent 12 months with one of the big franchises and didn't find my driving was progressing at all. With Marie, though, all of my lessons have been productive and interesting and Marie always patient and give constructive feedback. It has been an absolute pleasure learning with Marie and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

I have just passed my driving test today first time. I was extremely nervous and Marie re-assured me and kept me calm. My experience with Marie was fantastic, she truely is superb at her job. It has been an absolute pleasure to of known, and been taught these skills by Marie and would have no doubt in refering her to anyone who wished to learn to drive. She's the best there is!

Laura MurphyLaura Murphy
Passed 1st Time
Just wanted to say thank you for all your support with my driving, I really appreciate it and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor! Wishing you all the best for the future and hopefully you will see me on the roads soon! Going to miss my Saturday morning gossip lol xxx